Healthy Eating Myths

When patients come in I have to dispel so many myths in teaching people healthy eating. I’m going to use this article to dispel some of the really big ones.

1) Eggs are bad for you and increase cholesterol. Wrong.
Eggs are a one of the best sources of protein. The yolk contains trace minerals and is a rich source of healthy fats. Egg yolk’s also contain choline which helps prevent the accumulation Fat in the liver. The liver makes cholesterol and very little cholesterol comes directly from your food. It is important thing is to get good eggs. Look for free range pasture raised eggs if possible. The yolk should be very deep yellow almost orange. Don’t throw the yolk away because most of the nutrient’s are there!

2)Red meat is bad for you.
Well bad red meat is bad for you. Free range grass fed beef is great source of protein iron , b vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Conventional meat is a different product that contains antibiotics and hormones.

3) Organic food is the same as conventional grown its just a label.
If its not in the soil its not in the plant. Organic farms have higher trace mineral content in the soil there for the plant that grow there are healthier. Thee are also no pesticides or GMO, s there. You sometime will pay more for this but I believe this is where you should invest your money.

4) Agave sweetener is better for you then sugar.
Well Sugar is sugar is sugar! That’s all I can say .You just want to limit sugar.

When the sugar is in fruit the fiber slows the digestion of it. In syrup it is going to go into the bloodstream fast. The best thing to do is limit your sugar intake!

Also, avoid artificial sweeteners. Most of then are bad. Stevia is a great alternative.

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