“I eat pretty well”

I have heard this statement many times from people. The majority of Americans eat pretty well. That’s average. What does it mean to be average? Well first of all in America the number one killer of the average American is heart attacks strokes and aneurisms. one out of two of us will die from that.  The next big killer is cancer in all of its forms. Lets not forget about diabetes. These are the ways “average” Americans die. I don’t know about you but being average doesn’t sound good to me. When it comes to health I think we should be somewhat extreme in taking care of it.

With this New Year staring it’s a good oppertunity to commit to taking care of your health.  So what could we do to not be average with our health?

  • Challenge yourself to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables! The US FDA did a lot of research to come up with 2-5 servings per day as a recommendation. I would try to double this as a goal. Eating fruits and vegetable reduce the incident of most chronic diseases.
  • Reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white flour, white rice.

This reduces incidence of diabetes and obesity.

  • Get on a good whole food supplement such as Catalyn by Standard Process in order to make sure you cover your bases nutritionally.
  • Take time to learn about your body, read some books on health.
  • Do  physical activity you like as a form of exercise and stress reduction.
  • Educate your self by reading and learn about your body and its needs
  • Don’t ignore symptoms and health problems . Its easier to take care of things when they just start then when they become chronic. A natural health practitioner can help

If you want to be the best you can be and not settle for being average  we can help you achieve that.

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