Don’t like to be “cracked” or “popped” but still want the benefits of chiropractic care? No need to look any further. I use the ArthroStim™ adjusting instrument as one of my many ways to improve the function and health of your nervous system.


The handheld instrument directs the needed energy at the proper angle.

The ArthroStim® activates proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors without recruiting nocioceptors. In other words, it feels good and works great!

Instead of a single thrust, the ArthroStim™ delivers a series of “taps.” In fact, 12 taps per second (also known as the low beta somatomotor rhythm). This is so quick, we avoid the all too common reaction of tensing up to “guard” the area being adjusted. (One more reason why we see such great results.)


Some types of problems seem to resolve better when the adjustment is delivered while seated or standing, such as a car accident injuries. Naturally, the ArthroStim™ permits this type of flexibility.

It’s also helpful when attending to extremities, such TMJ problems, shoulders, knees and other areas where precision is important.


I have chosen this approach because of the great results it produces and the chorus of countless delighted clients who sing its praises:

  • Quick and often dramatic results
  • Comfortable and noninvasive
  • Low force and highly precise
  • Ideal for seniors and infants
  • Appreciated by those with arthritis

Most people report a feeling of ease, relaxation and sense of well-being as their spinal structure improves and vertebral subluxation complex patterns improve. To learn more, please call us at (954) 796-2611.